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    Why do we call Attinder the “Best Attendance Tracking App?”

    • Swipe to mark the attendance
    • It’s the best FREE Roll Call app to mark attendance
    • Save attendance data in your own Google Sheets
    • Edit existing attendance data with ease
    • In-depth analysis of your attendance data with the help of Looker Studio
    • Manage students & classes right from the application as well as your Google Sheets
    • No hosting is required, so its setup is minimal & fast

    Start tracking student attendance online for free!

    Get Attinder, It’s free

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    Elevate your methodology with technology. Attinder App is available on Android and iOS. Try Now.!


    Attendance Report For Teachers

    We understand the importance of attendance reports for schools, colleges, tuition classes, and other educational institutes! They play a vital role when it comes to analysis and decision-making.

    Thus, we thought that why not build an elite reporting solution that can save people’s time? That’s when the Looker Studio Attendance Tracking Reports came into play! 

    • Presenting is the easiest way to generate attendance reports. These are suitable for schools, colleges, tuition classes, etc.
    • A powerful combination of Google Sheets and Looker Studio will help you analyze your attendance data in an effective way!


    You might have these Questions about Attinder

    How do I set up Attinder?

    Setting up Attinder attendance tracking app is as easy as eating a pancake! All you need to do is read the below given instructions. Need us to do that for you? We provide installation support at just $10

    Can I generate monthly attendance reports?

    Yes, we understand the importance of monthly attendance reports for teachers and school/college admins. That is why we built a special feature that will allow you to get monthly attendance details directly to the google sheets. Not just that we can also help you generate detailed attendance reports that are easy to understand and make analysis simple.

    How do I start tracking attendance?

    If you’re using Attinder for the first time, you’ll require to set up the app. Once you’re done with it, follow this process to start tracking attendance: Open the Attinder app > select appropriate options and fill in some essential details like Class name, faculty name, Semester, Division, Subject, and Unit. As you complete this little process, you’ll be able swipe left or right to track the attendance.

    How will Attinder help me track student attendance?

    • Attinder makes it faster to track daily attendance.
    • It allows you to change the attendance status quickly.
    • Attinder also lets you generate monthly attendance reports
    • It saves real-time attendance data on google sheets. And thus, you can refer to it anytime & anywhere.

    Are you still tracking attendance manually?

    Skip the long processes. Start using Attinder for free!